How Can We Find Unity in an Angry World? Francis Chan

Episode 112 July 29, 2022 00:30:32
How Can We Find Unity in an Angry World?  Francis Chan
100 Huntley Street
How Can We Find Unity in an Angry World? Francis Chan

Jul 29 2022 | 00:30:32


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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

Show Notes

I’m sure we’d all agree that our world is more divided and angrier than ever – and believers in Christ are not immune to that behaviour.

Today on the podcast Cheryl Weber & Mark Masri are joined by preacher and author Francis Chan who is issuing a faith filled plea for unity through his book “Until Unity”.

He shares that the real problem is shallow or even non-existent love for each other.
Do we truly understand the gospel?
Do we believe in the miracle of the Holy Spirit in us?
As believers, Christians are supposed to yield the fruit of supernatural love for one another. Instead, we allow jealousy and selfish ambition to prevail.
Although the Bible commands unity, some will resist these unifying efforts. We see it every day. We have to hate sin, love truth, and pursue unity for the Church. This is messy, but no matter what, Christians must give everything they have to the pursuit of a unified group.

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