Why The Nativity Matters

Episode 210 December 07, 2022 00:29:48
Why The Nativity Matters
100 Huntley Street
Why The Nativity Matters

Dec 07 2022 | 00:29:48


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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

Show Notes

In our culture today, it is common for people to forget the true meaning of Christmas—and its significance. The occasion has become less spiritual and more materialistic over the years, and many might not even fully know the original story of Christmas. But this celebration is much bigger than a secularized holiday. Christmas is about God’s plan of salvation, which He set in motion before time began.

Today on the podcast Dr. David Jeremiah shares with Lara Watson & Mark Masri from his book "Why the Nativity?",  and shares about the people and events that surround the Christmas story and why each of them was chosen for their specific purpose.

Guest Website:  www.davidjeremiah.org/whythenativity

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