Becoming Exactly Who You Were Meant to Be

Episode 106 July 15, 2022 00:54:31
Becoming Exactly Who You Were Meant to Be
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Becoming Exactly Who You Were Meant to Be

Jul 15 2022 | 00:54:31


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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

Show Notes

Is something holding you back from living the life you were designed to have? Have you been sidelined by anxiety, and feel the world is so quickly passing you by?

Today on the podcast Mark Masri and Lara Watson speak with two special guests.

Rebekah Lyons is a National Speaker and Bestselling Author who shares that the one big question she hears from those she meets is, “As I begin to experience freedom, what practical steps can I take each day for sustained emotional, spiritual and relational health?”.
She shares from her book, “Rhythms of Renewal” and will walk us through four practical rhythms to establish in your life - Rest, Restore, Connect, Create – and how that will help us discover how to take charge of our emotional health, and inspire loved ones to do the same. Overcome anxiety with daily habits that will strengthen us mentally and physically - ultimately guiding us to walk in confidence. An ultimately guide us in walking in confidence with the unique gifts we have to offer the world.

John Bevere is an International Speaker and Best-selling Author who will share from his book “X: How to Multiply Your God-Given Potential”.
John encourages us to understand why it’s not enough to merely possess potential, that it must be realized and intentionally developed in order to live a life full of meaning and purpose. John shares tools we all need to transform our life into the one we were made to have, using the gifts God gave us.

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Prayer LINES: 1-866-273-4444 / Or connect with us online at

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