Becoming yourself in Christ

Episode 408 November 22, 2023 00:20:14
Becoming yourself in Christ
100 Huntley Street
Becoming yourself in Christ

Nov 22 2023 | 00:20:14


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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

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We live in a culture that tells us money, fame, and success won’t only make us worthy but make us feel worthy. Today on the podcast Ken Shigematsu joins us to share from his book, “Now I Become Myself” and shares why that is farthest from the truth. Ken shares how we all face the fear of not being enough, how shame can be both good and bad in our lives, the false sense of self we at times all face and how a relationship with Jesus is the only way that can help us define who we truly are. He will help us let go of the shame and find the peace that can only come from being in God’s presence to become who we were before the world told us who we had to be.

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