Upcoming: Moving Towards Unity and Racial Reconciliation

Episode 118 August 12, 2022 00:00:19
Upcoming: Moving Towards Unity and Racial Reconciliation
100 Huntley Street
Upcoming: Moving Towards Unity and Racial Reconciliation

Aug 12 2022 | 00:00:19


Hosted By

Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

Show Notes

Coming to the podcast, Lara Watson & Mark Masri are joined by former Chicago Cub Chris Singleton who is now a bestselling author and speaker.

The devastation of losing his Mother in a shocking mass shooting during a mid week church Bible study has shifter the trajectory of his life.

Chris has now become an inspirational speaker and best-selling author who has shared his message of unity and racial reconciliation. 

Guest Website: www.chrissingleton.com

Prayer LINES: 1-866-273-4444 / Or connect with us online at www.crossroads.ca/247prayer

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