Finding Peace in the Face of War

Episode 410 February 21, 2024 00:31:30
Finding Peace in the Face of War
100 Huntley Street
Finding Peace in the Face of War

Feb 21 2024 | 00:31:30


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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

Show Notes

How can someone find peace when faced with great turmoil, in the midst of war?

Today on the podcast we bring you inspiring stories from Ukraine.

Natasha was in Ukraine when Russia attacked in February of 2022. As a person with a disability, she could not flee on her own, she quickly connected with an aid organization she knew from her days as a child in an orphanage through a ministry called “Loads of Love”. Through this organization not only did Natasha find peace and a way out of her war-torn country but also her purpose in life through art. She shares more of her miracle story and how she discovered the peace that could only come from a relationship with God.

We also bring you the story of Olga who had to flee her home country and went to Ukraine only to have to flee again when the war broke out. She stayed in the Ukraine during the war with nothing but prayer to keep her safe until she made the difficult decision to leave. The journey to Canada was anything but easy but she shares with us her story of finding hope and peace.

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