Realigning Our Lives for God's Purpose

Episode 315 May 31, 2023 00:25:40
Realigning Our Lives for God's Purpose
100 Huntley Street
Realigning Our Lives for God's Purpose

May 31 2023 | 00:25:40


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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

Show Notes

"Billie Jauss found herself exhausted from constantly traveling with her husband who was a major league baseball coach. The jet lag was brutal. But she eventually realized that spiritual jet lag was a greater problem. She went through a season of feeling unsettled and uncertain, and chose to simplify her schedule and take control of the chaos but that didn’t solve it all. She realized it wasn’t the external distractions but the emotional barriers producing feelings of discouragement and defeat.

Billie shares on the podcast today how she detoxed from the emotional toxins, realigned her priorities, and created a spiritual health plan, and how she discovered God’s best things.

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