When You Ask God for Help and It Feels Like He Isn't Listening

Episode 101 July 04, 2022 00:31:49
When You Ask God for Help and It Feels Like He Isn't Listening
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When You Ask God for Help and It Feels Like He Isn't Listening

Jul 04 2022 | 00:31:49


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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

Show Notes

What if we called on God and He appeared Before Us?
What happens when we ask for help, yet we feel like God isn’t listening?
Often we ask God for help and get an answer but because it is not exactly how we thought the answer would come, we don’t recognize it as one.
New York Times bestselling author Mitch Albom, known for books that help bridge the gap between heaven and earth, explores this idea through his latest work, “Stranger in the Life Boat”.

Today on the podcast Lara Watson, Cheryl Weber and Mark Masri hear from Mitch Albom about his book and discuss what happens when we ask God for help, and how we can see God working in our every day lives even when it feels like he is far away.

Guest Website: https://www.mitchalbom.com

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