Finding Hope In 60 Seconds

Episode 203 October 19, 2022 00:33:34
Finding Hope In 60 Seconds
100 Huntley Street
Finding Hope In 60 Seconds

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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

Show Notes

Through 60 second prayers posted on TikTok our guest today went viral. That reaction inspired Cristina Baker to share her story with the world through her book "Hope in 60 Seconds: Encountering the God of the Impossible".

Lara Watson and Mark Masri hear Christine share her heart-wrenching story of a childhood full of instability and abuse, leading to self-harm and a life full of darkness. Her life quickly spun out of control and she was sent away from home to live with a father she barely knew who was living in another country. Her father found himself homeless and drug-addicted and this became her story too, until a lady from her brothers church took her in with one rule-  Christine must attend church with them every Sunday.

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