Rooms of a Mother's Heart

Episode 312 May 10, 2023 00:32:21
Rooms of a Mother's Heart
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Rooms of a Mother's Heart

May 10 2023 | 00:32:21


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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

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For thousands of years and in a myriad of cultures, women have forged identity, unconditional love, and vast purpose in the calling of motherhood, a divine opportunity to raise the next generation for the purposes and call of the Father.

Inside the soul of every mother lies a heart that becomes a repository of sweet memories, hard lessons, glorious victories, ordinary days, glaring failures, and God’s grace over the years of mothering. And this tender heart that has given birth to the future of mankind or has lovingly adopted the seeds of the next generation also develops rooms of unsurpassed greatness and quiet strength. These are the Rooms of a Mother’s Heart.

Today on the podcast Carol McLeod speaks with Lara Watson as she shares what it means to be a mother and offers tender encouragement to all women who accept that calling.

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