Answering the Biggest Questions About God

Episode 108 July 20, 2022 00:19:30
Answering the Biggest Questions About God
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Answering the Biggest Questions About God

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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

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In a world where scientific evidence sets the bar for what we believe, and where there are incredible levels of human suffering, it’s hard for many to believe there could be a Creator or a God. Certainly one that neither science acknowledges or one that doesn’t really explain the dilemma of human suffering.

 Today on the podcast Mark Masri and Greg Musselman are joined by Mark Clark who shares insights from his book, “The Problem of God”.

 As a skeptic who became a Christian and then a pastor, all the while exploring answers to the most difficult questions raised against Christianity, Mark Clark found irrefutable answers.  Growing up in an atheistic home, struggling through his parents' divorce, acquiring Tourette syndrome and OCD in his teen years, finally led him to search for truth through science, philosophy, and history, eventually finding answers in Christianity.

In a disarming, winsome, and persuasive way, The Problem of God responds to many of the God questions in our society.

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