Real Evidence for Life After Death

Episode 109 July 22, 2022 00:22:09
Real Evidence for Life After Death
100 Huntley Street
Real Evidence for Life After Death

Jul 22 2022 | 00:22:09


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Cheryl Weber Lara Watson Mark Masri

Show Notes

 Is Heaven just a nice thought, this awesome place where there will be no more suffering, pain, wars, famine and injustice? Will we actually see God face to face? Is there proof of an afterlife?

 Today on the podcast Mark Masri and Greg Musselman are joined by Lee Strobel to answer some of these questions based on his book, “The Case for Heaven: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for Life After Death”.

 Most well-known for “The Case for Christ”, bestselling author Lee Strobel felt compelled to write this new book on Heaven after a harrowing medical experience that left him questioning his own future. Lee shares how the reality of death can shape our lives and faith. 


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